Kaz Vicks V150SG vaporizer humidifier

Uxwbill wanted to see one of these in operation, and I have a nasty cold right now, so it was a perfect time to make a little video of my Vicks vaporizer in use. The lighting was too dim for the camera to pick up the steam, but you can definitely hear the water boiling inside. This model is made in USA and came with a built in “night light” (a neon bulb wired directly across the AC line) which I have removed. There are no controls, but it does have an automatic shutoff when the water level gets too low.

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    25 Responses to “Kaz Vicks V150SG vaporizer humidifier”

    • clubcar98:

      We had a Sunbeam one. And when I needed it the other day when I was sick, I could not find the main part of it that goes on the tank! Which is unrealted…

      I think the light would be cool, but would bug me as well if it was too bright. The Sunbeam one we had, the tank would glow in the dark if you let it “charge up” in the light long enough.

    • Alex1M6:

      lol, where I live 70% humidity seems to be the average level for a house making the use of a dehumidifier a must have to stop the growth of mould.

    • Maxxarcade:

      We used to have one from the early 80’s. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

      Out of curiosity, have you ever seen the cool mist types, that had a motor in the lid? There was a cone shaped spindle that would suck up the water and spray it out the disc near the output vent. I haven’t seen one in ages.

    • shortwavesam:

      i thought vicks only existed here in australia

    • Vinylrecordsneverdie:

      That’s a lot quieter than Holmes forced air type I have.

    • maineboy1979:

      When I was a kid, I had one of those but it was the cool mist version, and boy was it loud! Darn thing sounded like a box fan on high. A few months ago I bought a warm mist model, and it’s amazing how much quieter it is. The sound of the boiling water is kind of soothing.

    • vwestlife:

      The non-ultrasonic “cool mist” versions all use a motor inside, which can be quite noisy. This one has no moving parts, just heating electrodes.

    • vwestlife:

      Back in the late ’80s my family had an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier, but not any of the motorized kinds.

    • uxwbill:

      Thanks for the video! Sorry to hear you have a cold! (I sincerely promise that I would never have wished such a thing on you or anyone else! Here’s hoping you’re better soon.)

    • dadgad0:

      Mr Blancmange is melting.

    • Lachlant1984:

      So did I, don’t they make that Vapourub stuff for kids when they have a cold?

    • shortwavesam:

      yeah they do, i use it in winter when i have a cold

    • SpeakerFreak95:

      Cool! sounds like when I am making Ramen noodles, lol Hope you feel better. lol

    • bakedpotato1678:

      I have a walgreens (sunbeam) cool mist humidifier. Ill post a video soon

    • cheetawolf:

      i used to have one of those, but its motor burnt out…

    • RoseyLovesBritney1:

      I love mines!! Helps me sleep(:

    • Guillworld:

      Hi! I wanna know if the mist going out of the vaporizer is HOT or COLD??

    • vwestlife:


    • ladytoriz:

      I Brought one cant seem to get it to work! What do u put in it?

    • vwestlife:


    • zimoses96:

      I used to have one of Those when i was a kid do they still sell them?

    • Daisyday29:

      mine wont even bubble like that and its the same exact one !!

    • TheJosielopez:

      add a pinch of salt .. just a pinch and it should work

    • charityn007:

      where do yo add the salt? :(

    • charityn007:

      Got it! I put salt with the water and put the blue stuff back, it didnt stop from making steam, its like a sauna, wth :)

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